BibleWalk is very honored and grateful to house many one of a kind exhibits. Many of these exhibits cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We are very grateful to God for these unique treasures and to those who have generously made the donations so that the Work of the Lord may continue.




Walk of the Parables

Walk of the Parables


The Walk of the Parables consists of 39 original oil paintings each four feet wide and seven feet high. The paintings are the work of noted religious artist Mark Pedro; and are thought to be the first series of paintings depicting the parables of Jesus ever undertaken by a single artist.


These oil paintings were formerly on display at Christus Gardens in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.




Folk Art

American Votive Folk Art or Immigrant Community Art


American Votive Folk-Art or Immigrant Community Art became stylish back in the early 1900’s. This art form began to decline in popularity around 1916, but this community folk-art continued in some isolated towns into the early 1940’s. BibleWalk is very honored to display the largest collection of this art form to be found in the United States. This collection of 35 pieces was formerly housed at the Gem Vesper’s Museum in Barton, New York.




Korean Word Art

Emmanuel Word Pictures


Emmanuel Word Pictures is a unique Sacred art created from the Words of the Bible. The artist Rev. Gwang Hyuk Rhee of Korea was given this inspiration from the Lord 10 years before he ever began his work. He began working on this long awaited God commissioned project in 1950.





Woodcarving by John Burns

The Wood-Carvings of John Burns


The Wood-Carvings of John Burns is another wonderful testimony and exhibit of a man who loved the Lord. Mr. Burns carved seven religious scenes from 1971 -1987. The scenes are carved from white pine using hammer and chisel the work would begin digging into the wood until shapes began to appear. Then as the detail work began grinders of all shapes and sizes, dental tools and drills were used to accomplish the most intricate work.




Oldest Bible in Collection Latin Bible 1535

Collection of Bibles


Rare Bible Collection


Rare Bible Collection from the collection of retired Air Force Chaplain Lewie H. Miller Jr. Four cases of rare and old Bibles are displayed at BibleWalk. The remainder of Chaplain Miller’s collection is displayed at the Miller Bible Museum in North Greenville University.




Christian Art Gallery

Christian Art Gallery


Christian Art Gallery featuring the paintings of George C. A. Malick. Mr. Malick was widely known as a master of dramatic realism. Although he was known for many types of paintings he was most notably known for his religious art work. BibleWalk has on display a number of his illustrations from four books: Chosen to Serve, Young People of the Bible, Women of the Bible and Men of the Bible. This group of paintings began in the 1960’s and they came to completion in the early 1980’s.




The Invitation


The Invitation, Elfred Lee’s painting welcomes visitors as they walk through BibleWalk’s entry way. This four feet by eight feet framed picture was painted in 2004. The Invitation is a stunning depiction of Noah’s call to mankind before the Great Flood. This particular painting includes many animals some of which are now extinct, heading for the safety of the Ark.




Animated Display

Three Animated Displays


Three Animated Displays created by Spaeth Design of New York originally built for The American Bible Society has found their home at BibleWalk. The figures and animation of the Empty Tomb, the Nativity and Peter Walking on the Water are each housed in a beautiful 7 ½ feet x 8 ½ feet case. Eight carvings of related Biblical stories frame and adorn each scene.