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Miracles of the Old Testament

Biblewalk Miracles of the Old Testament Daniel in the lins den

1 hour tour. This tour highlights beloved Old Testament stories of faith, courage, and hope. This museum also houses our award-winning, custom-made replica of The Ark of the Covenant. Admission Hours & Rates Info. Dioramas: Creation – Genesis 1 Adam & Eve – Genesis 3 Cain & Abel – Genesis 4 Abraham & Isaac – … Read more

Rare Bible Collection

biblewalk rare bible collection exhibit

Rare Bible Collection from the collection of retired Air Force Chaplain Lewie H. Miller Jr. Four cases of rare and old Bibles are displayed at BibleWalk. The remainder of Chaplain Miller’s collection is displayed at the Miller Bible Museum in North Greenville University.

Museum of Woodcarving

biblewalk museum of wood carvings tour

The world-famous “Museum of Woodcarving” is the largest collection of woodcarvings in the world created by one man. It took Joseph Barta thirty years to carve his vision of Bible stories into 100 life-size figures. Mr. Barta spent over four and a half years completing, his life-sized carving of The Last Supper, spending two years … Read more