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Miracles of the Old Testament

Biblewalk Miracles of the Old Testament Daniel in the lins den

1 hour tour. This tour highlights beloved Old Testament stories of faith, courage, and hope. This museum also houses our award-winning, custom-made replica of The Ark of the Covenant. Admission Hours & Rates Info. Dioramas: Creation – Genesis 1 Adam & Eve – Genesis 3 Cain & Abel – Genesis 4 Abraham & Isaac – … Read more

The Life of Christ

Biblewalk The Life of Christ tour nativity

1 hour tour. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was made Flesh” begins your 60 minute journey into the life, death, resurrection, ascension and ends with Christ seated on His Throne at “The Great White Throne Judgement”. This tour also features one of Madame Tussaud’s famous Last Supper re-creations. The tour features … Read more

Heart of the Reformation

biblewalk heart of the reformation martin luther

30 minute tour. The Spirit of Reform broke out with great intensity in the 1500’s, giving birth to Protestantism. This 30-minute in-depth look into the lives of many of these great Heroes of the Faith will prove to be most inspiring and educational. Life-like wax figures of John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, and John Knox, to … Read more

Museum of Christian Martyrs

Christian martyrs tour

30 minute tour. This tour is a most heartfelt reminder of the price our brothers and sisters paid in the past, and are paying today, for God’s Word and the great Honor to openly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We begin with Stephen and travel throughout history to present day. Admission Hours & Rates … Read more

The Journeys of Paul

map of journeys of paul tour

30 minute tour. The Amazing Grace – The Journeys of Paul tour complete with music and narration takes an in-depth look at the life and the teachings of apostle Paul. This unique tour follows the journey of Saul persecuting the Christians, following him to the Road to Damascus, his transformation into Paul, teaching from a … Read more

Kingdom of God

biblewalk kingdom of god

30 minute tour. The primary message of Jesus was His teaching on the Kingdom. This Kingdom has been referred to as, The Secret Kingdom, The Invisible Kingdom, and The Powerful Kingdom; but for most people it is thought of as a Misunderstood and Unattainable Kingdom. This tour is not only inspirational and educational, but will … Read more

Museum of Woodcarving

biblewalk museum of wood carvings tour

The world-famous “Museum of Woodcarving” is the largest collection of woodcarvings in the world created by one man. It took Joseph Barta thirty years to carve his vision of Bible stories into 100 life-size figures. Mr. Barta spent over four and a half years completing, his life-sized carving of The Last Supper, spending two years … Read more