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If Ever There Was…

Some of you may remember the play we did in our dinner theater in 2012 thru 2014.  It was called, “Revelation 2020:Do You Hear What I Hear?” The setting was a Ghetto where all the Christians were contained, or at least the Christians who posed a threat to the Government.  These were the ones who … Read more

Where Could I Go?

What is happening in this world of ours?  I have heard that question asked so many times in these last few months, with various answers given.  Regardless of the answers given, all people have one thing in common; they want peace and assurance.  We know for a fact the answer cannot be given by anyone … Read more

Thirty-Four Years

Knowing that BibleWalk’s thirty-fourth anniversary is around the corner has certainly given me a reason for reflection. Also, knowing that I became Director when I was 34 years old and am now 68 years old, I am faced with the fact that I have been Director of BibleWalk for half of my life. The inspiration … Read more

50 Years: A Scripture and a Song

Last week I celebrated  my 50th birthday in Jesus and in His Kingdom.  I was born again on February 19, 1971.  I remember that time as if it just happened seconds ago.  My friend Jeff and I were walking down Brinkerhoff Avenue in front of South Park.  After quoting what seemed like the entire Bible … Read more

The Gideon Bible

I remember it was in the afternoon. I heard the front door open and I knew it was my sister Toni coming home from school. I was in the kitchen with my Mom, but as soon as I heard that door open, I ran into the living room to see my sister. Toni wasn’t there … Read more

Site Map – New!

BibleWalk has  a new site map of tours and attractions that promises to enhance the visitor experience and make the museum even more accessible and enjoyable to all. The new site map features a layout that allows visitors to easily navigate the museum and plan their itinerary based on their interests and preferences. The online … Read more

Focus in an Unfocused World

I truly want to write something for the New Year that will inspire and give people hope.  No matter what happens with Covid-19, vaccines and distribution of the vaccines, or who occupies the White House, I do believe hope and peace can exist in a world of turmoil.  I believe this because it is written … Read more

His Life Matters

We constantly are hearing the shouts, “Black Lives Matter.” Then, another  shout pierces through the first shout, “All Lives Matter.” Then, another shout pierces through the second shout, “The Unborn Baby’s Life Matters.” Then, another shout, and another pierce, and another, and another, and another. Now, it is my turn. I haven’t taken to the … Read more

Home for the Holidays

We are rapidly  approaching our Holiday Season with the celebrations upon us of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Year’s Day.  I honestly cannot think of a better way to celebrate then by keeping Jesus in the center of all our activities. We are Thankful for Him and to Him. What is Christmas without … Read more