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We Have an Abundance

I walk through the grocery stores looking at the shelves that once were full of what we thought of as the simple things of life.  Coolers that were once filled with
milk and orange juice are now empty.  Shelves that were once filled with paper towels, toilet paper, and cases of water are now empty.

I was reminded of something recently as I stood in front of the almost empty shelf space that was once full of bread. All that remained were three lonely loaves. I took one.  It was not a brand that I had ever purchased before, but in this case, I was most grateful for the find.

I was reminded of what God’s Word says in the Book of Amos, “The time is surely coming,” says the Lord, “when I will send a famine on the land—not a famine of bread or water but of hearing the Words of the Lord. People will stagger everywhere from sea to sea, searching for the Word of the Lord, running here and going there, but they will not find it.”

Please do not think for one minute that I am minimizing what has come upon this world. I am not, but we can look at it perhaps in a different way.

There is POWER in the Word of God. Jesus clearly tells us, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my Word shall not pass away.” All things were created by His Word and His Word will endure all things. Once you put His Word inside of you, you too will endure all things. Not just endure,  but overcome triumphantly. Overcome all things. That is His guarantee.

Ask yourself right now, “How many Bibles do I own?” In this country there is no shortage of Bibles. In the past, I have even seen Bibles in garage and yard sales for as little as a dime or a nickel. I always buy them, only because I hate to see that price tag on the Bible. It puts out a silent message that His Word isn’t worth much.

I honestly do not think anyone in this life has ever clearly known the value of His Priceless Word. In my heart, His Word increases in value day by day. And, to be honest, according to what the day may hold, sometimes the value increases minute-by-minute.

Turn off the news, put down the newspaper, turn off your phone and pick up His Word; there are hope, peace and fulfilled promises that only His Word can create in your heart.

The wonderful thing is that in this country we are not lacking, we have an abundance of Bibles. Now, please read and trust His Word to show you how to live His abundant life.

Yes, it is true that even in hard times an abundant life is possible.

“With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”  Now, that is in His Word and you can take Him at His Word.

BibleWalk 2020 “We Give a Dam”

God’s Word clearly tell us, “When you pass through the waters, He will be with you; and through the rivers they shall not overflow you.”
His Word continues to tell us, “Surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto you.”

Today as we look around whether it be on the news, in our own neighborhood, work place, churches or even in the mirror; we see people drowning. They can be drowning in debt, sickness, despair, fear, loneliness, grief, guilt or unforgiveness, just to name a few. But there are many floods in this life that I haven’t named that are designed by your enemy to overtake you. This simply does not have to happen.

A dam is a barrier that stops or restricts the flow of water and an eventual flood.

At BibleWalk we not only care but through God’s Word you will be given the building blocks to build your own dam.

You do not have to drown in a flood. In fact Jesus came not only to give you life but to give you an abundant life. Please do not settle for anything less.

Again, in God’s Word Jesus is described as our Rock, our Fortress, our Deliverer, our God, our Strength, our Buckler, the Horn of our Salvation, and our High Tower. Now that is Someone who is able. JESUS is able to do anything needed. Whether it be the possible or the impossible, JESUS IS ABLE!

In my lifetime I have experienced both sides of the coin (so to speak). I have experienced the greatest of joys and the deepest of sorrows and grief. But I can tell you for a fact I have never drowned. It may have seemed like it from time to time, but it just never happened. God’s Word always kept me afloat and I am speaking from experience.

But don’t take my word for it. Please take His Word, receive His Unfailing Word.

I hope to see you at BibleWalk.

The King of Hearts

I do not know the value of a king of hearts in various card games, but I do know the value of The King of Hearts.

It was 48 years ago on a cold, snowy Friday afternoon when the King came into the heart of a very lonely, miserable, insecure, 17 year old little hippie girl.  The exact date was February 19, 1971.

That little Hippie girl was me and that is when I was born again. Then on Sunday, February 28th as the ice was cracked on the pond at Grace Haven Farm I was baptized. I can still remember both days and both experiences as if it were yesterday.

As I look back over the years I absolutely shudder wondering what my life would  have been like if Jesus would not have come into my heart at such a young age. Because I certainly remember the path that I was walking down and Jesus certainly does have the Ability and Power to change the crooked to straight. He  is the only one that does.

This Valentine’s Day please accept my invitation and come and visit BibleWalk, to walk through the King’s Word and to accept His never changing love. Please trust me, if He can do it for this little Hippie girl He can and will do it for you.

If you would like to hear more of my story, I would be more than happy to meet you and introduce you to the King. Just ask for Julie when you come to the front counter.

I look forward to meeting you.

Dinner With Grace

As I look back over the years since the first time we opened the doors to our dinner theater, Dinner With Grace, I am reminded of so many plays and the people who sat in the audience to watch these plays.

Our first play was The Essential Ingredient, a play centering around Discontent, Burdened and Misery, just to name a few, and Mr. Deceiver’s efforts to get them to relocate in the town of “Living in the Past.”  We then saw this play turn into a trilogy, as Essential Ingredient Part 2 was written and later, Essential Ingredient from Mourning to Morning.

Our Passover plays were:  He Brought Us Out of Egypt and The Royal Blood and the Kingdom.

We also had the great honor of performing Thy Kingdom Come: The Pearl of Great Price  at the kick-off celebration for the Going on Faith Tourism Conference.

And, if you saw Christmas Revelation 2020, I can guarantee you are still thinking about it!

As the Holy Spirit has the freedom to minister throughout the audience, we have seen many healings, conversions and have made many, many friends.

The Sower and the Shepherd is now being featured in our dinner theater.  If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this play.  It is a treasure chest full of His Word and His Ways waiting to be discovered.  This play will be ending in October this season and returning for its final season in April 2020.  If you are eager to learn more about His Kingdom, if you are eager to receive a greater understanding of His Word, if you desire to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus, it is all found in The Sower and the Shepherd.

The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is quickly approaching and with that always comes the anticipation for the infamous Easter egg hunt. This year please consider another kind of hunt. A hunt that is equally rewarding for both adults and children. This year go on an Eternal Hunt. This Eternal Hunt is not done in your backyard or neighborhood park; it can only be done in God’s Holy Word.

Paul, in the Book of Ephesians, writes of “the unsearchable riches of Christ.” The Greek word for “unsearchable” describes something that “cannot be fully comprehended or explored.” In some translations, “unsearchable riches” are referred to as “boundless riches.”

The Book of Colossians speaks of “the mystery of God, and of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” And, we are instructed in His Word “to seek after Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding as we would hid treasures.”

This Easter open up His Holy, Holy, Living Word and begin your Eternal Hunt. Through His wonderful Holy Spirit, God’s Word can not only be discovered but also revealed: undiscovered treasures are waiting for you. Also, please accept this as your personal invitation to come and tour BibleWalk. Either way, you will not be disappointed, and I can guarantee that you will leave with a full basket, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Happy Easter!

Year of the Bible


BibleWalk was most honored to host area Ministers as the Proclamation was read declaring 2019 as the “Year of the Bible.” We certainly thank our dear friend Ben Mutti for including us in this great and wonderful event.


What Remains…Experience God


The Christmas trees have been taken down, decorations put back in storage and gifts have been exchanged or forgotten.

So what remains and what needs to be remembered? The Manger, the Cross, the Empty Tomb and God’s great love for you through his Son Jesus; this is what remains and needs to be remembered.

Come and Experience what remains, and remember God’s unfailing love for you this coming year. Come and Experience BibleWalk. BibleWalk is open Mon-Sat 11:00am to 4:00pm. For further information browse our website or visit our Facebook page.