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Dinner With Grace

As I look back over the years since the first time we opened the doors to our dinner theater, Dinner With Grace, I am reminded of so many plays and the people who sat in the audience to watch these plays.

Our first play was The Essential Ingredient, a play centering around Discontent, Burdened and Misery, just to name a few, and Mr. Deceiver’s efforts to get them to relocate in the town of “Living in the Past.”  We then saw this play turn into a trilogy, as Essential Ingredient Part 2 was written and later, Essential Ingredient from Mourning to Morning.

Our Passover plays were:  He Brought Us Out of Egypt and The Royal Blood and the Kingdom.

We also had the great honor of performing Thy Kingdom Come: The Pearl of Great Price  at the kick-off celebration for the Going on Faith Tourism Conference.

And, if you saw Christmas Revelation 2020, I can guarantee you are still thinking about it!

As the Holy Spirit has the freedom to minister throughout the audience, we have seen many healings, conversions and have made many, many friends.

The Sower and the Shepherd is now being featured in our dinner theater.  If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this play.  It is a treasure chest full of His Word and His Ways waiting to be discovered.  This play will be ending in October this season and returning for its final season in April 2020.  If you are eager to learn more about His Kingdom, if you are eager to receive a greater understanding of His Word, if you desire to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus, it is all found in The Sower and the Shepherd.