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“Heavenwood” is an 8’x4′ display taking an in depth look into the ministry of Jesus. This unique collection of woodcarvings are the work of Howard K. Leber. Howard had always believed in Jesus, but it wasn’t until after he retired; that he found that his walk and faith in the Lord began to deepen.

Howard was inspired to create woodcarvings and displays depicting various stories from the Life of Jesus. Most of the wood used to create this miniature diorama is from barn siding taken from an old barn on the family farm. Howard loved the woods on his land especially an area behind the woods, that he called “Heavenwood”. Heavenwood became his signature on his earlier carvings. Thus his family named this labor of love, Heavenwood in honor of their Father. In addition to his talent, Howard’s love for Gods is very evident as one views this unique display.