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His Life Matters

We constantly are hearing the shouts, “Black Lives Matter.” Then, another  shout pierces through the first shout, “All Lives Matter.” Then, another shout pierces through the second shout, “The Unborn Baby’s Life Matters.” Then,
another shout, and another pierce, and another, and another, and another.

Now, it is my turn. I haven’t taken to the streets yet, but that is not to my credit, but to my shame. I need to take to the streets and I need to begin to shout, to shout loud, and after that louder still, “His Life Matters,” and after that louder still, “HIS LIFE MATTERS!”

His life certainly mattered as He was born in a manger. His life mattered so much that an Angel announced it to country shepherds abiding in a field. Then, the Angel with the multitude of the heavenly host began to praise God, saying,
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.”

His life certainly mattered as He went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.

His life mattered as He spoke with Nicodemus telling him, “You must be born again.”

His life mattered when He shed His Royal Blood upon the Cross of Calvary. That act of love matters to us all: all that have accepted Jesus as our Savior and now know God, not only as our Creator, but also as our Heavenly Father, and
have been reinstated in His Kingdom.

His life mattered when He came out of the tomb, walked the Emmaus Road, and Ascended to His Father.

His life mattered when He sent us the great promise of the Holy Spirit.

Now, I will ask you this one question, “Does His life matter to you?” If you answer “yes,” then please continue reading. If you answer “no,” then please stop reading.

Now, I will ask you a second question, “Are we going to be like William Dawes or Paul Revere?” If you are wondering who is William Dawes, you have already proven my point. Paul Revere and William Dawes both set out to warn the
colonies, “The British Are Coming.”

There was no difference in the urgent message and there was no difference in the length of the ride. Since there was no difference, then why were the people along Paul Revere’s route properly warned and prepared, and on William Dawes’s route, no one was properly warned, and no one was prepared?

Even though they were both fellow revolutionaries, the difference was in the man. The same message, two different men. Only one man was full of urgency, conviction, and passion. And, only one man has history remembered.
Who do you think that man was and who do you want to emulate?

We as Christians have a much greater urgent message to carry to this crazy, darkening world, and someone greater to emulate.

The British are no longer coming, but “JESUS IS COMING!”

That is our message and He wants His people to be properly warned and properly prepared. If His Life really does matter to you, you will be full of Love, which will produce Conviction, Urgency, Passion, and a Burden for lost souls. If His life really doesn’t matter to you, then you are a lukewarm soldier in the Service of our Lord.

It is my choice and it is your choice. I have made my choice, now please make yours. Perhaps, one day we will not only meet at BibleWalk, but we will also meet in the streets shouting, “His Life Does Matter and Jesus is Coming Soon!”