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Thirty-Four Years

Knowing that BibleWalk’s thirty-fourth anniversary is around the corner has certainly given me a reason for reflection. Also, knowing that I became Director when I was 34 years old and am now 68 years old, I am faced with the fact that I have been Director of BibleWalk for half of my life.

The inspiration for BibleWalk was given to Rev. Richard Diamond and his wife Alwilda.  The inspiration was given in the early 1970’s and work began in 1985.  The Living Bible Museum first opened its doors on Saturday, August 13, 1987.  I can remember that day as if it were yesterday.  Bill and Gail Warren took the first tour guided by Roland Jessee.  It took exactly one hour to go through seven scenes of the Old Testament and twelve scenes of the New Testament, all consisting of museum quality fiberglass figures.

So, what has happened these past 34 years?  Thank You Jesus, we have been so grateful to witness people being born again, making rededications, and receiving healings.  Remember, the only reason there is the wonderful Power of the Holy Spirit at BibleWalk is because BibleWalk is the “Word of God.”  And, God honors His Word.

How has BibleWalk grown these past 34 years?  We now have over 100 scenes consisting of 325 life-size wax figures,  in addition to eight one-of-a-kind exhibits, a Dinner Theater, and a Woodcarving Museum! Yes, a Woodcarving Museum!

BibleWalk will be celebrating it’s Thirty-fourth Anniversary with the opening of The Museum of Woodcarving.  This world famous Museum of Woodcarving, formerly located in Shell Lake, Wisconsin is the largest collection of woodcarvings carved by one man.  It took woodcarver Joseph Barta 30 years to research and carve his vision of Bible stories into 100 life-sized wooden figures.  What an Anniversary gift!

I Thank God for calling me into this ministry and allowing me to be Director for these past 34 years and  for the years to come. It is the greatest honor and pleasure of my life.

There is absolutely nothing greater I would have wanted to do with my life.  I found my purpose, and that purpose has given me great, great joy.

I thank Rev. Diamond for his constant obedience in following the Holy Spirit so that BibleWalk was able to grow beyond any of our imaginations.

Thank You to all of the countless volunteers from Diamond Hill Cathedral who built BibleWalk and constantly keep it running by their dedication to God and His Work.

And, to all of my friends who have stood with me through all of my ups and downs,  I would have never made it to the point where I could write this letter without you and Jesus.

And, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our visitors.  We love and appreciate you without measure and our greatest joy is sharing God’s

Holy Powerful Word with you.

To be completely honest, I am now wondering what Jesus has in store for our Thirty-fifth Anniversary, only Heaven knows!