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Where Could I Go?

What is happening in this world of ours?  I have heard that question asked so many times in these last few months, with various answers given.  Regardless of the answers given, all people have one thing in common; they want peace and assurance.  We know for a fact the answer cannot be given by anyone in this world.  The world’s landscape and this country’s landscape are rapidly changing beyond recognition.

In 2012 and 2013 we featured a play in our Dinner Theater entitled, “Revelation 2020.”  It took place in a Christian Ghetto, with the residents of the Ghetto identified by wearing a Purple Triangle.  Every Christian who held to his/her convictions and loyalty to God was placed in this ghetto.

The play revolved around two women, their families, and a very hateful guard working for the government.  The play was not written based upon anyone’s imagination, but it was written based upon history and current events.  I remember so vividly how one woman, Purple Triangle 1971, clung to and protected her Bible. There were very few Bibles left in the land because the government had gathered all of them up and replaced them with its version, The Word of Gods (to make their word more inclusive).

Wait a minute, didn’t Hitler use Purple Triangles to identify the Christians?  Wait another minute, didn’t Hitler have all of the Bibles taken out of the land and replaced with Hitler’s Bible?  The answer is yes to both of these questions.

The Scriptures constantly warn Christians to Wake UP!  I wonder why that is?  Perhaps Jesus knew that with all of our comforts and false sense of securities we would just simply fall asleep at the wheel.  Please know, this life is about more than you and your family. If you truly know the Lord, then He wants you to think about your neighbor.  Perhaps you are rejoicing in the light while your neighbor is blindly living in darkness. Reach out and please take someone to safety with you.

Eighty years ago a song was written by J.B. Coates entitled, “Where Could I Go, but to the Lord.”  I think we all can agree eighty years later that the song still rings very true.  But, I would like to add a verse:  “Reach into the darkness and bring someone into the light; for we are all intended to be children of the day and not children of the night.”

My advice to anyone is simply this (always taken from His Word), “Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts you double-minded.”

Dear Jesus, please give us all a greater burden for lost souls.
In Jesus’s Name we pray, Amen.